Adopt Our Animals

Adopt our animals for as low as 100 Rs per Day and contribute to Animal Welfare

Animal Adoption Programme

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Arignar Anna Zoological Park is one of the prime wildlife conservation centers in the country. The concept of zoo has evolved from pure entertainment to research and conservation education in the recent years. Animal adoption gives you an opportunity to become a conservationist. Your adoption supports the highest standard of care for the animals at the Zoo and symbolizes your passion towards their conservation.

Why should you adopt an animal?

The animal what we house in the zoo are the representatives of their counterparts in the wild. So when you adopt an animal of our zoo, you voice for the conservation of that animal species and also help to spread out a message to others about this. You will also probably have a hairy, furry, scaly or a feathered friend who will make your zoo visit a special one. You can go a step further than other normal zoo visitor and become ‘A Voice of the Voiceless’ by adopting an animal. All your donations go directly towards the cost of caring for our zoo animal.

For offline animal adoption programmes, the adopters need to take a DD/Cheque in favour of "Member Secretary Zoo Authority of Tamil Nadu" and send with a covering letter addressed to Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forests & Director, Arignar Anna Zoological Park, Vandalur - 600 048.